Wednesday, March 15, 2006

For the love of meme

I am so not a fan of memes, so Barmaid had better realize I'm doing this only because her blog kicks so much ass.

My nickname: Weenie...a moniker given for a couple of reasons: (1) an unhealthy fear of bugs and (2) Serena...SirWeenie...Weenie.

My hometown: San Angelo, Texas. I've learned not to be embarassed and to embrace my past.

My team: Team sports are so passe. Isn't it all about the individual? ; )

My theme song: Back That Thang Up by Juvenile

My drinks: Rum and coke or a French Martini

My occupation: enviro rabble rouser

My spare time: Damned internet. Spying. Making movies. Exploring.

My hiding spot: the Barn

My books: Geek Love by Katherine Dunn, House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski, In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez.

My [fake] heroes: Diet Coke. It sparkly and refreshing and helps so many people feel so good. It's the new humanitarian.

My [real] heroes: My mom. A divorce and two kids and she never let us down. She instilled in me the belief that the world was mine for the taking and that the sky's the limit.

My tags: Allie, Steven, and Green Canary


  1. I heart you! And lesson learned, never again will I meme.

    I was going to end here with a quote from Back That Ass Up, but I just realized that all of them are almost too dirty to type out. That doesn't stop it from being a great song.

  2. Yay! And feel free to meme me any time ; )

  3. That is an amazing song.

  4. I love Geek Love!
    And the Barn... wait.. no i don't.

  5. Oh, ok -- but only for you!

    You're a fine motherfucker...

  6. aww your mom. very sweet.

  7. Don't suppose you want to hire another enviro-rabble-rouser? I wouldn't mind getting out of the teaching scene, plus my spelling is pretty goodly. :D

  8. Can I have your teaching job, Coyote?


  9. you want to teach college freshmen with the average intelligence of bread?

  10. Whoa whoa intelligence doesn't have to = bread, does it? I'm only about a roll.

  11. Buffy - the Barn is slang for my part-time job. I think I sometimes work a second job to hide from all the better things I could be doing.

    Larissa - Thanks.

    Coyote Mike - You never know. We keep growing...

  12. awesome, i learned so much! texas?! rum and coke?!

    i never knew.

  13. That is a great meme. Thanks for the creative life and answers and for making me laugh. Wonderful post.

  14. Scarlet, as long as you're on a roll, its all good :P (yeah, I know, that's not what you said)

    Flameon, all i need to know is where to keep in contact.

  15. Yeah, I'm not really a roll on levels of intelligence (if roll is under bread), I just said it for effect. I'd say I'm a nice focaccia!

  16. mmmm, focaccia. Without this sounding like some sort of sexual come on line . . .

    I love to eat focaccia

  17. CoyoteMike...