Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend bits

Allie's bday 
Birthdays have always been treated with the appropriate amount of reverence. Celebration is commiserate with age and major milestones surpassed, and the wishes of the birthday girl or boy are almost always honored.

Who am I kidding? We just like to celebrate, and this past weekend was no different. Allie just happens to be visiting from Germany, and we were lucky enough to get to celebrate her 28th year. The formula was pretty simple. Start with dinner at an Irish bar. Toss in a little sangria from the Spanish place across the street, and end the night with some rock and roll. 


  1. It sounds absolutely lovely! I LOVE how you opened this post...delightfully sarcastic! You are darling in these photos Serena

  2. Aw, thanks, Courtney. You're the sweetest.

    Carrie and Scarlet - We need more good times in our lives :-)