Sunday, January 08, 2012

Stumbling through Staunton

ways to make returning a rental fun

This weekend I decided to make the most of an annoying situation. Do you remember that 54-hour train ride back from Texas (I'm not going to let you forget it 'til I show you the video)? Well, this shrinking violet had had enough and got off the train in Staunton, Virginia. Instead of sucking it up for the remaining six hours (that isn't a typo), I rented a car and just drove the 2 hours home. I knew I needed a rental car for work and, in my train haze, decided I'd just figure out getting the rental back.

This probably wasn't the most strategic decision I've made. The train made me do it!

Luckily, Ravena was nice enough to agree to follow me down to Staunton for the epic car return. The great thing is that Staunton is charming and has so many things to see and do. With a tasty spiced hot cocoa from Mugshots in my stomach, we did a bit of window shopping. There are more than just a few shops downtown. In just a block and a half walk, we passed a chocolatier, thrift shops, galleries, and even a children's shop called Grandma's Bait. I think my favorite thing that we passed was a tiny boutique hotel called The Storefront. No lobby or accoutrements, it's simply your hotel room. Guess where this girl is staying during her next meeting in town?

I think I may have found my next Searching for Stars Hollow location. :-)

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