Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All quiet on the western front

And so it begins...

Things are likely to be quiet here for the next couple of weeks as I finish packing up my apartment, tackle some major work deadlines, and hang out with visitors from afar.

This past weekend was a whirlwind, and believe it or not, this is the only picture I managed to take. Allie blew into town from Germany on Saturday afternoon, and we spent the rest of the weekend running from place to place. Target, Anthropologie, Chipotle, Urban Outfitters...I was one tired girl. We also went out to dinner with the #31DDD girls on Saturday night. Despite the fact that you apparently can't get a table for eight people on a Saturday night at any restaurant in Fairfax Corner (even if you're willing to wait over an hour), we still had a blast. I love reconnecting with people you haven't seen for a while and making new friends.


  1. I'm always super-pleased and appreciative (tip wise) when a restaurant squeezes us in even though we don't have a reservation. A lot easier with two/three/four than eight, though.

  2. They actually wouldn't even take a reservation. I think they wanted tables that rotated out faster on their busiest night. It's all good because we ended up with sangria at Rio.

    Agree re tip!

  3. Thanks for the #31DDD shoutout! I'm so pissed that I forgot to take pictures. Whom am I?