Monday, January 02, 2012

Finding my mornings, a goal for the new year


I kept my New Year's resolutions simple this year. I usually develop a list of like ten things I want to take on/habits I want to break. Too much ambition can be a recipe for failure. While I fared pretty well last year, I wanted a simpler list to tackle in 2012.

My goal for 2012 are mornings. Specifically, I want to consistently get up early enough to actually have enough time for a morning routine that includes makeup, breakfast, and some prayer or devotional time. A typical morning for me is hitting the snooze button roughly 5-7 times, brushing my teeth, throwing on my clothes and bolting out the door (usually 15-20 minutes after I finally pull myself out of bed).

I was inspired to make this a goal after reading about Inspired to Action's Hello Mornings Challenge. While Kat's challenge is geared toward moms, I think it's just as beneficial to the single career girl. The Hello Morning Challenge doesn't officially start until mid-January, so I'm using these first two weeks to slowly stop using my snooze alarm as a crutch.

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  1. that sounds good to me I hate mornings but I really need to make myself get out of bed sooner!!!

    Happy 2012