Wednesday, November 16, 2011

List: random thoughts and links taking up brain space

Early stages of a mini piñata

If you were camped out inside my head, you'd have to wade through all of these links and thoughts. Strap on your waders and come on in.
  • Have you ever noticed when you discover a new thing suddenly it's everywhere? I couldn't resist picking up a pint of Jeni's salted caramel ice cream at Whole Foods last night, and later that night I see a mention by one of the people I follow on the Twitter. Tonight I see that they also got a shout out on the Anthology blog. (By the way, it was kind of amazing.)
  • Wal-Mart is coming to DC. You have no idea how angry and frustrated this makes me. I have been in my fair share of Wal-Mart stores. Hell, I'm from Texas. Every weekend used to involve a trip there. Proponents herald the number of jobs the stores will bring to the District and the injection of funds into the economy. What about the number of independent businesses and smaller stores it just might force to close? 
  • I may have bought ingredients to make this pumpkin cream cheese Shutterbean posted the recipe for.
  • I want(!) this Kate Spade hedgehog coin purse, but it seems like such a decadent, unneeded thing.
  • Do I take the train or fly home for Christmas?! I just can't decide. I really want to a relaxing journey via train, but the plane ticket (note: just the ticket...doesn't include baggage fees, transportation to and from the airport) is cheaper. Grr.
  • I made my momma's recipe for tater tot casserole tonight. Might have been a dangerous decision.
  • Earlier this week I made a mini pinata (beginning stages above) using Jordan's tutorial. So fun. I will definitely be doing this again.


  1. I hate Wal-mart but where I live its the only place to shop and I hate it so bad!!!

  2. Trust me, it was (is) the same in my hometown.