Sunday, November 13, 2011

The art on my walls

The morning light was finally bright enough in my dark little apartment for me to attempt to capture some of the wall art I've got up. I've been wanting to take some photos in here for a long time, but my place gets horrible natural light (and I lack the skill to create my own natural-looking lighting).
typography wall - in progress Berkeley Illustration
I've recently done some rearranging in order to focus the wall behind my bed on art featuring typography (first photo above). My 20x200 piece by William Powhida (lower right corner) started it all. The other photo shows my small collection of Berkley Illustration prints.
First original Random art
The photograph in the picture above was the first (and far) piece of original art that I have purchased. A few years ago I went to the DCist photography show and fell in love with the colors in this shot of graffiti. The picture beside is what happens when you walk into West Elm and find the clearance section. I love trees and found wood, but I have to say that I've wondered more than once what I was thinking when I brought home that (all sales final) wooden sculpture.
By Tabitha Bianca Brown Favorite pieces
I keep wanting to type "this one's my favorite!" but have to stop myself. The first print above was from Ravena on my birthday last year and is by Tabitha Bianca Brown. I really do love it and what it stands for. You might remember it made an appearance in an earlier blog post.

The pieces in the photo on the right are also special. The girl on a unicycle was from Allie one Christmas. It's so simple and so me. The print below it was from Steven (also a Christmas gift). It's my only Elsie Flannigan print and means a lot to me. It's an incredible feeling to know someone out there is really listening to what you say and cares enough to remember.

I'm quickly running out of space for new prints/pieces on my walls. If anything prompts a move to a bigger space, that just might.


  1. Wow! You've done so well hanging photos up. I always have trouble hanging up pictures for some reason. It always feels so permanent. You've inspired me to just go for it!

  2. Thanks, Courtney! I say do it. You can always switch it up if you want something new.