Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This is my city

Have you seen those American Express commercials with Robert DeNiro talking about NYC as his city? He conveys such a sense of place, a true connection with his city. As I was walking my city yesterday, I felt a connection similar to DeNiro. Even though I technically live in Fairfax, I work, live and breathe Washington D.C. Walking the city energizes me and reveals hidden jewels. The character of the city lives on every corner and is driven in large part by its people. To truly embrace my city, you have to embrace all parts. Even if you don't love it, don't turn your nose up at it. Look at the homeless people as you navigate the gauntlet that are their parks. Stroll through the Capitol complex and act like you own the place, just like everyone else. Find a favorite watering hole and make it yours. Discover that perfect place to hear some tunes.

Despite all of this, I still feel like a DC virgin. A few of this (DC)virgin's favorite haunts (for the time being):

U Street - I *heart* all of it. I can shop for unique items at some of the funky boutiques like Pink November and Love Hurts; get awesome cupcakes at Cakelove; dance the night away and hear new bands at the Black Cat; grab a drink at Polly's Cafe or Saint-Ex; accidentally smell pot at some of the local record establishments; and many, many other things to titillate.

Fado - The Irish pub at gallery place. I like it's atmosphere. I just like it a little less crowded then it was on Friday night.

Tryst - Hoping the place doesn't become cliche, but it's great for coffee and blogging in the morning and hanging with boos at night.

More Gallery Place - Matchbox for mini burgers and Sushi Go Round for pretty tasty sushi.

Really I'm just a street walker who loves so many places. For the real scoop on hot new things to try in DC, sign up for the District's edition of Daily Candy and steal their suggestions. I do, and it just continues to make the city more mine.


  1. I'm such a DC fan and get mad at anyone who disses it! I live an hour away and still sometimes say I live there;)

    I love the Black Cat!

  2. That's a great feeling you have for your city. The worst thing about living on the West Coast is that except for San Francisco, everything is so spread out -- so it is impossible to get that feeling you get from living in an older, pre-automobile city, where you can feel like you "own" the city.

  3. Gip Radly11:54 AM

    I have no shoe laces

  4. Have you been to Fado's on Thursdays? The band that plays there (Scythian) is pretty good and really fun.

  5. i know they at least pretend to be ;-)

  6. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I live in GPlace, but where is matchbox?

  7. Anonymous -

    It's on 7th and H street. Check them out at Matchbox.