Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Everybody has the planning gene

Planning has often been a 4-letter word in my mind. Actually, clarifying thought...overplanning is the deal breaker. However, I've come to believe that everybody has the planning gene if there's something they want bad enough. In fact, stepping out of the planning haze I've been in, I have decided that planners fall into a few set categories.

Ain't-A Planner: This is a person who loathes to plan anything at all. Any attempts to drag this person into a planning session may result in scratching and eye gouging. Ain't-A Planner won't even plan their own wedding. Elopement is so much easier.

Reluctant Planner: The reluctant planner is really the person I described in my intro. This person dislikes planning anything too far in advance and refuses to get excited by the details. However, when confronted with an idea to fabulous to ignore, the non-planner morphs into planner and begins to get annoyed with others when they don't hop on the planning bandwagon.

Bunny-on-Steroids (BoS) Planner: This person is usually the worst nightmare to the other types of planners. The BoS maps out a plan of action months in advance. They carry a clipboard and create numerous lists. On the day of the scheduled event, BoS can be found with a whistle and a riding whip barking orders at the troops they've strong-armed into helping. This person can often be spotted by the vacant, slightly neurotic look in their eye and the headset for their cell phone.


  1. HAHAHA Bunnies on 'Roids..I love it!

  2. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I think I'm somewhere between Ain't A and Reluctant.

  3. I think I'm in between Reluctant and BoS... I need a name for this...

  4. Allie, I think the name of your planning gene would be Not-Quite-Ravena. ; )