Monday, February 20, 2006

The aftermath

Scarlet's birthday should never be described as a one-night stand, burning hot but fizzling quickly. It's more like that obsession you immediately feel for that one person once you lock eyes. It's fun and hot and for that first weekend you just can't leave each other's side. Scarlet's birthday was that kind of marathon.

The Cast of Characters:
Scarlet, Steven, Allie, Ravena, Vanessa, Vanessa, Jay, Julianne (+boy), Erin, Nicole, Carolyn

Scene 1:
After Cakelove and champagne at an undisclosed location, a smaller version of the group above crammed into Ravena's car and made haste for Sushi Go Round. A few flaming drinks and sushi rolls later, we were sufficiently fortified to make our way into the cold and wait the remaining band of revelers.

Highs - flaming volcanos, the dropped makeup brush, Steven's footprint on the car window
Lows - Jay (ask Steven), merry band of revelers picking a much calmer set of places to "crawl" to

Scene 2:
The Scarlet bar crawl began at Fado where we were everybody's Gap and Abercrombie was crushed against eachother. Luckily we're a bit more original than that, so after a round of jaeger bombs and the realization that Flogging Molly was not playing there we decided to jet.

Highs - Scarlet dancing with the drunk guy, jaeger bombs
Lows - the beginning of Scarlet getting continually congratulated on her engagement (damn that tiara)

Scene 3:
The next stop ended up being some world of beer place where (shock) I actually had a beer (Magic Hat). This was also the transition from sober Scarlet to drunk Scarlet. As the tiara started to tilt, the eyes glossed over and the flirting intensified, the beer continued to flow.

Highs - whipped cream shots, gossiping with Vanessa, Scarlet's flirting, texting across the table
Lows - being talked about by The Others for use of sidekick in the above texting

Scene 4:
A final move to Clyde's set the final wheels in motion. A lack of seating forced us to separate from The Others, but the drinks continued to flow. Tiara was at full tilt and hair was fully mussed. It was awesome. Damn that Grand Marnier shot.

Highs - Grand Marnier, Ravena getting hit on, tilted tiara, Steven being thankful for Ravena
Lows - the guy who hit on Ravena

After the smaller band of revelers snagged the princess and loaded her into the car, the fun continued as we made haste back to Fairfax. I need to be discreet here, but let's just say somebody got some action (cough...Steven) and that most in the car are apparently very studious.

To be continued...


  1. OMG, I just blushed from reading this.

  2. Damn that Grand Marnier though.

  3. I kind of liked that it pushed you over the edge...just not that edge.

  4. Qwerstions, anybody?

    I forgot about the makeup brush... I think I used it today.

  5. Yeah, I don't go over that edge much. In fact, that might have been my farthest ever.

  6. Pictures!? Come on, ladies!!!

  7. There's a link over on my Blog to my picturs. But they don't really do the night justice since once post-Grand Marnier I didn't take too many;)

  8. More photos (blackmail ones from the car ride to come ; )...

    Flaming look

    Grab Ass

    The whipped cream shot

  9. BLack mail from the car ride? WHAT?

  10. Honey, I got photos of the backseat action in all it's glory. *Please* let them turn out.