Monday, February 27, 2006

Knock-Knock...who's knocked up?

I love my family, and the older I get the more I see my mom in me. It was this early morning that realized I might very well have sent my mom over the edge last night. Basically, I have paranoid tendencies and love to jump to fantastical conclusions. Those crazy stories I make up for people on the metro find their way into my life too as I try to decipher what's really going on. I would bet money on the fact that this is probably a personality quirk I inherited from my mom. This is why it hit me this morning that I must have freaked my mom out last night. You see, I'm from Texas and didn't have an opportunity to go home to spend time with my family at Christmas this year. I keep trying to pick a time I can get home to visit, and my mom keeps inquiring as to when that might be. Last night we were talking on the phone, and she mentioned how unexciting her life was. When I asked what kind of excitement she was looking for, she relayed that she wasn't actually looking for excitement and liked her life excitement-free. I jokingly asked if was sure she didn't want me to get knocked up and give her a grandkid to spice things up. Her response was not positive to having me knocked up. Ha! We talked a little more, and she mentioned, if I couldn't make it home, they were considering driving up to see me this summer. I thought nothing more of this conversation until this morning when I remembered who I was and who my mom was and realized that there is now a 75% chance my mom is at home freaking out because she thinks I'm knocked up and that that is the reason I haven't come home yet. Hahahahaha. Poor mom.*

*I am not, nor have I ever been, knocked up, pregnant, with child, had a bun in the oven or whatever other cute term you'd like to use.


  1. If it's a girl will you name her Scarlet??

  2. too funny. lately i have been of the opinion that because we take what our mothers think/say so deeply to heart, they deserve to squirm every once in a while after hearing something we say.

  3. I think I would WANT my mom to squirm at the idea of me knocked up but I think she'd be secretly happy. I guess knocked up and mate-less wouldn't be her #1 choice though...