Friday, February 24, 2006

An open letter to the men of the world

Dear Men:

Life is confusing and drama-filled enough without you adding to it. See...the thing is that we women are stronger than we appear. We may bat our eyes and shed a tear when Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette make up in In Her Shoes, but we have enough lacquer built up from all of that nail polish that we can take it. Rather than sending mixed signals about whether or not you are interested in us, grow some testicles (or borrow them from your bff) and tell us how you feel. I promise you that the majority of us will not (1) key your car; (2) dissolve into a sobbing mess; or (3) start screaming obscentities when told you are not interested. In fact, we just want to know, to be put out of our misery. And, if you do happen to finally come out of your shell and mention you might have a small thing for us, you might actually get lucky and find you have a new someone to snog. Regardless, honesty and reality are better than delusions and trying to read signals. Just a thought.



  1. I just imagined the females of the world carrying you on our shoulders and naming streets after you.

  2. even though i'm married - i really liked this post. it rings so true.

  3. Tinapopo, Natalie & Scarlet -

    Charlie -
    Can you talk to a certain guy for me?

  4. In most situations I would take no part in defending the men of the world, but in this particular case I have to speak up. It just isn't as easy as you make it out to sound. You as women hold all of the power, the decision is ultimately up to you and some of us find that a bit daunting.

  5. Also, you cannot deny that women ar guilty of exactly the same thing, if not worse. I've known so many women who will fake interest just so a man will compliment her or perhaps take her to lunch. They give signals of interest one day and then deny you the next. Very Frustrating

  6. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Not to say that I don't think you have valid points, but I have to agree with Charlie.


  7. Men and women both suck at mixed signals but from what I took from the post was to be honest when asked about reciprocated feelings.

  8. Can I add to this, love? How about, "When telling us how you feel, try not to do it in an email if we've dated more than two or three times."

    I just got email dumped. What is wrong with these men? Where do they grow up?

  9. Scarlet, your comment is dead-on seeing as how that response I did finally get proved how wrong he and I both were at sending signals.

    Velvet - They suck, and yet, I refuse to give up on them. One day we'll get lucky at this.

  10. I thought women like the strong silent type.