Monday, January 23, 2006

Who tells you you've made it

I picked up the latest copy of DC magazine yesterday, and at the risk of making myself a social pariah in DC, I feel I must comment. The magazine looks to be attempting to fashion itself as an offspring of Town & Country for the beltway set. The magazine is attractive enough; it caught my attention to the extent I was moved to pick it up for its "hot list". My confusion began as my eyes scanned the "Scene in DC" section. Who are these people? To be honest, I'm generally just as confused when I see some of the NYC society pages, but at least those women have become famous enough for their socializing/partying that I recognize the names. I am so not on the DC social set, but I am aware. The only name I recognized in all the pictures was Ann Walker Marchant, and that's just because I did some business with her several years ago. Is everybody in the pictures PR flacks? Is it DC hollywood for the less attractive? Pick up a copy of the magazine and you tell me.


  1. i give you credit for tackling this. i hate society pages. i hate seeing the names of people and not recognizing them. and i hate even more that people pay attention to those pages and getting one them.

  2. I like to look at them for the fashion. I like to see what people are wearing.

  3. I was a little befuddled by it, too. It's curious to see who's on the pages...until you read the note at the bottom that says anyone can send in a picture. T&C this is not. Strange, but curious, mag.