Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I'm willing my way to a better week and a much more chipper mood. I'm actually getting a little excited for Saturday's Spy Game (now if we can all just get registered). Solving clues and going on a chase throughout DC, pretending to be someone I'm not...what could be more fun? One thing I have learned about myself over the years is that, while Monopoly or Go Fish may not be my games, I do love me some random, wacky fun. I like adventure or at least the semblance of adventure. There is a time and place for movies (big fan), but give me a choice between that and something random like making a movie or go to the DC High Heel Race and I'll choose the more random option almost every time. What's the most adventurous/random fun you've had? Send me your ideas!

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  1. The photo addiction of the day is hott;)

    I loved playing Capture the Flag on the entire campus in college. I remember crawling through shrubbery and sneaking under bridges for that game, fun stuff.

    I like road trip randomness, too!