Sunday, January 15, 2006

Black Rogue Bunnies: Too Smart for Their Own Good

The Black Rebel Bunnies (BRB, aka us) braved the elements this afternoon
to compete in the DC Spy Game. After rapidly solving the first clue to
determine the start location and time, we knew we had this competition
in the bag. Who better to win a competition than the world's biggest
Alias fans and stars of their very own spy movie. Little did we know
going in that we were too smart for this competition. So smart, in
fact, that we came in last place. So smart that the organizers kept
calling us practically begging us to give up with their voices, tired of
waiting for us to finish. Yes, the clues were hard (seriously), but the
real problem is that we thought too much about the clues. We didn't get
the clues until we dumbed ourselves down...see, too smart for the
competition. Regardless of the outcome, we had a blast almost getting
blown away at the Washington Monument (again seriously), willing the
rain not to come and cursing a detour to the National Gallery. Good
times that ended with good food and now a comfy bed. And Ravenchase,
prepare yourselves because BRB will be back and we will dominate.

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  1. Hahahahhaa it was SO windy!