Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Just wait til you see the photos we'll get in Philly!

Ha! I finally remembered to bring the digital camera and can post pics from the tattoo roadtrip. We LOVED this giant skate outside of Bealeton, VA.

Monday, June 27, 2005

With only the fan to keep me company

I'm lying in a pitch black room in a cabin on a lake in New Hampshire.
There is no air conditioning, and it would be effing hot on this 2nd
floor if (1) I hadn't just taken a cold shower and (2) I weren't
directly at the foot of a fan.
I'll have to post pics of this's beautiful. The vision was
briefly marred by a hairy, shirtless man in my party (albeit a nice
man). Vision was helped by a very cute man I've worked with for awhile
and only just now met. No cowboy-like sparks though : )

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I did it!

I successfully got the tattoo yesterday and am so happy with it! And I
didn't die from the pain : ) In fact, it was only mildly

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hair...a feminist issue or issue of femininity?

I feel really shallow for blogging about hair, but it has been on my
mind since all of mine got chopped off. {Definition: short hair: 1.
can't be tucked behind ears. 2. Neck exposed. 3. Typically considered
boyish or mannish.} Let me state that I have an aversion to short
hair. This aversion applies only to me and not the millions of women
who can look cute sporting a pixie cut a la Meg Ryan and my mom. I
don't like or never wanted short hair on my head. This is why I've had
such a drastic reaction to my latest cut. Of course, me being me, I had
to search for a deeper meaning as to why I am so bothered. What I found
is that I view my hair as an extension of my femininity. Long hair
doesn't make me a woman, but it helped me express just how much of a
woman I was inside. I know this sounds effed up, especially since I was
prone to acts of laziness with my hair. But, no matter how much I
ignored it, it was always there to hide and protect me. My immediate
reaction to the new cut was that (1) I'd have to wear more makeup and
wear it every day and (2) I now had nothing to hide behind. I felt like
some of my femininity had disappeared.
Where does this leave me? Getting a grip on the fact that it's just
hair and that now I have a reason to learn to work a funky new cut.
Maybe I'll learn to do messy. Maybe short hair is femininity, too.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Woman on the run

I cannot believe that I haven't blogged since Wednesday. It's not that
I've lacked anything to say or am bored with blogging (quite the
contrary). I've just been running around like mad and have the majority
of that time out of town and in the car. Blogging while driving is fun
but dangerous, so I try to avoid it.
You probably don't care what I've been up to, but since my mind is a
little fried, that's what you are going to hear about...
*I spent the day in Richmond for more negotiations on a potential dam
*Another day of general working my ass off.
*Marathon hair appointment resulting in cool color and a cut that makes
me want to cry. I've never had it this short and am pissed she didn't
follow the picture. I think she gets mad because my hair takes so long
to do.
*A night of drinking and avoiding getting felt up in Fredericksburg.
Fun times in general, but we were missing a couple of people. Allie and
I grabbed a motel room (yay Motel 6) to sleep off the alcohol and were
picked up for breakfast the next morning. After playing in the newly
freed Rappahannock River, I stopped by the tattoo place for my
consultation and to make an appointment. I officially get my tattoo
next Friday and am scared shitless. I put down a deposit, though, so I
feel like there is no going back. Please, please don't let it hurt.
*Another out of town trip today...I spent the day in Chambersburg, PA
and Harrisburg, PA.
I'm tired...gonna run...will pick regular blogging back up tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Longest Yard

I'm sitting in the movie theater right now waiting for The Longest Yard
to begin. I'm asking myself and know others are also wondering why I'd
be sitting in a theater so late at night on one of my only days off.
I've always contended that sometimes I just crave a little time in a
dark theater. Sometimes it doesn't even matter what the movie is.
So...I'm still left with why. I think I've figured out at least one
reason...I'm giving my mind a rest. Today was a bit
details I feel like sharing, just settlement negotiations on a project.
Sitting in a dark, cool theater allows my mind time to shed all the extra shite and make room for the drama of
a new day. Time to shed.

Monday, June 13, 2005

What the world needs now...

The Washington Post ran two pieces on Friday that deserve mentioning,
forwarding and debating.
The first piece I came across was a column by Eugene Robinson entitled
'(White) Women We Love'. It was a thoughtful piece of commentary that
used just the right amount of both subtlety and bluntness to shine a
light on one facet of the institutional racism that plagues our nation.
In the article, Robinson examines the fact that out of all the heinous
murders and disappearances that occur only those involving attractive,
young white women get elevated to the national spotlight. I'm sure
Robinson got loads of letters from pissed off folks, but I sent him a
thank you note.
The second article also looks at what I call racism from an entirely
different angle...immigration. In "New Tack Against Illegal Immigrants:
Trespassing Charges", Michael Powell takes a look at cowboy cops gone
amuck in northeast. Evidently, there is this sheriff in this small New
Hampshire town chock full of white folks that has decided he abide by
the number of illegal immigrants living and passing through his county.
When he discovered a group of Ecuadorian illegal immigrants in a van
during a traffic stop, he was appalled that the feds just said to issue
them a ticket and let them go. This cowboy cop was evidently so bent
out of shape that he's trying to use a New Hampshire state trespassing
law to have them deported. Claiming threats of terrorism in a post-9/11
world, this cop attempts to justify his actions with patriotism.
Bullshit. Three pieces from the article sum up my opinion pretty
well...(1) the worry of vigilante justice from a renegade sheriff based
on the color of one's skin; (2) these men weren't terrorists, they were
looking for work; and (3) a quote by a U.S. Immigration official on the
fact that immigration laws were never meant to arrest every single
illegal immigrant. I was further saddened (but not shocked) to read
that FOX News Channel and other people are praising this sheriff for his
actions. Another NH sheriff is already trying to follow suit.
And, seriously, if I hear any of that bs about needing jobs for
Americans, I think I'll scream. As it is you should probably feel lucky
that I'm going to stop here and save my rant about Guantanamo Bay
(subject of a Friday email) for another time.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Thank you

Today's post is simply a thank you to those who mean something in my
*Thank you for waking me up every morning regardless of the fact that
some mornings I wish you wouldn't.
*Thank you for keeping me sane even when I want to lose my mind.
*Thank you for keeping those I love and cherish close to you.
*Thank you hunting me down when I am missing and for caring enough to
worry in the first place.
*Thank you for always loving me despite my faults.
*Thank you for bailing me out of numerous bad situations.
*Thank you for reminding me that fun is an essential element in
life...not just work.
*Thank you for reintroducing me to music.
*Thank you for keeping me on my toes and aware of the world around me.
*Thank you.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Nail polish in the park and other thoughts on summer

I'll be the first to readily admit that DC has weakened me. The girl who left West Texas on a day when the thermometer hit 111 degrees is about to complain about how "hot" it is. Perhaps I won't complain, but I'm going to at least mention it. The problem is the radical shift in temperature. Just last week I needed a light jacket to fight off a chill. Now even my lighter clothing feels like it weighs 100lbs in this heat. Of course, wearing an inappropriate jacket because you expect the office to be its usual frigid self and having to walk to the art store over lunch doesn't exactly help the problem.

Walking through the park this afternoon got me thinking about romance during the summer. My first thought was how I should only date people in the winter. Ha! I thought of how hot (we're talking temperature here) it is and how I wouldn't want someone rubbing up on me in this heat. Then I passed under some trees offering shade, a breeze hit, and suddenly summer romance looked swell.

I also saw a girl painting her toenails over newspaper.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Book surveys are acceptable...

I love books, so what the hell. In case you're interested, I stole this
Total number of books I own: Hundreds (hey...I work part-time at a
bookstore. What do you expect?!
Last book I bought: Meet the Beatles (a new cultural history of the
The last book I read: Out (a Japanese mystery)
5 books that mean a lot to me: (oh geez) the Bible (duh), The Handmaid's
Tale by Margaret Atwood, In the Time of Butterflies by Julia Alvarez,
House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski, and Geek Love by Katherine Dunn.
2 major books that as a kid I had on me all the time: anything by Judy
Blume and the Sweet Vally Series

you're the one person I wanted to run into again

Most mornings I come in wondering what the hell I'm going to post about. Birds are chirping; the wind is blowing. Surely everything is right with the world and all of life's a-holes expired peacefully overnight. ...and then my dream ends, and I awake to discover I'm living a more Fire Down Below than Sound of Music. Evidently 16 people (mothers, fathers, grandparents, concerned citizens) were arrested in West Virginia recently for attempting to deliver a list of demands to Massey Energy's Goals Coal Company. What was their problem? They lives and the lives of their children are being threatened by the mountaintop removal mining being done by Massey in their community. The coal prep plant is only 150 feet from the the local elementary school, sending coal dust through the air vents and into their children's lungs. Some 400 feet from the school is a leaking dam charged with holding back 2.9 million gallons of coal waste (mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and other heavy metals). So what does this coal company do? Do they take the demands...hear them out? Hell no...they have these poor (and, yes, they really are poor) people arrested. Read more about what happened here and find a way to help here.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Monopoly on God

No one can claim a monopoly on God; yet, I've felt surrounded by voices
who try this mighty endeavor. I know God speaks through people, but he
doesn't always have to use the bossiest ones. A light touch can be
effective. I also think some people who claim to channel God are being
seriously misled by the force of their own egos. Take Bush...if we
relied on his word, he'd have us believing God wanted us to wage war in
Iraq, cut funding to social services that helps God's neediest people,
and destroy the planet he gave us by falling at the knees of every
greedy corporate citizen. And these are just the things he's been
proactively bad at. Let's not forget the daily struggles of racism and
classism that he often conveniently ignores. I know God speaks through
people, but haven't you ever wondered if he speaks through idiots in
order to show us what not to do?