Monday, June 20, 2005

Woman on the run

I cannot believe that I haven't blogged since Wednesday. It's not that
I've lacked anything to say or am bored with blogging (quite the
contrary). I've just been running around like mad and have the majority
of that time out of town and in the car. Blogging while driving is fun
but dangerous, so I try to avoid it.
You probably don't care what I've been up to, but since my mind is a
little fried, that's what you are going to hear about...
*I spent the day in Richmond for more negotiations on a potential dam
*Another day of general working my ass off.
*Marathon hair appointment resulting in cool color and a cut that makes
me want to cry. I've never had it this short and am pissed she didn't
follow the picture. I think she gets mad because my hair takes so long
to do.
*A night of drinking and avoiding getting felt up in Fredericksburg.
Fun times in general, but we were missing a couple of people. Allie and
I grabbed a motel room (yay Motel 6) to sleep off the alcohol and were
picked up for breakfast the next morning. After playing in the newly
freed Rappahannock River, I stopped by the tattoo place for my
consultation and to make an appointment. I officially get my tattoo
next Friday and am scared shitless. I put down a deposit, though, so I
feel like there is no going back. Please, please don't let it hurt.
*Another out of town trip today...I spent the day in Chambersburg, PA
and Harrisburg, PA.
I'm tired...gonna run...will pick regular blogging back up tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous4:35 AM

    I can't believe that you're going to get a picture of a penis tatoo'd above your belly button!!!


  2. Anonymous4:35 AM

    That was me btw,


  3. Anonymous5:30 AM

    hahah who else would it have been?
    I like how you only put the good stuff that happened on friday :-)