Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Monopoly on God

No one can claim a monopoly on God; yet, I've felt surrounded by voices
who try this mighty endeavor. I know God speaks through people, but he
doesn't always have to use the bossiest ones. A light touch can be
effective. I also think some people who claim to channel God are being
seriously misled by the force of their own egos. Take Bush...if we
relied on his word, he'd have us believing God wanted us to wage war in
Iraq, cut funding to social services that helps God's neediest people,
and destroy the planet he gave us by falling at the knees of every
greedy corporate citizen. And these are just the things he's been
proactively bad at. Let's not forget the daily struggles of racism and
classism that he often conveniently ignores. I know God speaks through
people, but haven't you ever wondered if he speaks through idiots in
order to show us what not to do?

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