Monday, June 13, 2005

What the world needs now...

The Washington Post ran two pieces on Friday that deserve mentioning,
forwarding and debating.
The first piece I came across was a column by Eugene Robinson entitled
'(White) Women We Love'. It was a thoughtful piece of commentary that
used just the right amount of both subtlety and bluntness to shine a
light on one facet of the institutional racism that plagues our nation.
In the article, Robinson examines the fact that out of all the heinous
murders and disappearances that occur only those involving attractive,
young white women get elevated to the national spotlight. I'm sure
Robinson got loads of letters from pissed off folks, but I sent him a
thank you note.
The second article also looks at what I call racism from an entirely
different angle...immigration. In "New Tack Against Illegal Immigrants:
Trespassing Charges", Michael Powell takes a look at cowboy cops gone
amuck in northeast. Evidently, there is this sheriff in this small New
Hampshire town chock full of white folks that has decided he abide by
the number of illegal immigrants living and passing through his county.
When he discovered a group of Ecuadorian illegal immigrants in a van
during a traffic stop, he was appalled that the feds just said to issue
them a ticket and let them go. This cowboy cop was evidently so bent
out of shape that he's trying to use a New Hampshire state trespassing
law to have them deported. Claiming threats of terrorism in a post-9/11
world, this cop attempts to justify his actions with patriotism.
Bullshit. Three pieces from the article sum up my opinion pretty
well...(1) the worry of vigilante justice from a renegade sheriff based
on the color of one's skin; (2) these men weren't terrorists, they were
looking for work; and (3) a quote by a U.S. Immigration official on the
fact that immigration laws were never meant to arrest every single
illegal immigrant. I was further saddened (but not shocked) to read
that FOX News Channel and other people are praising this sheriff for his
actions. Another NH sheriff is already trying to follow suit.
And, seriously, if I hear any of that bs about needing jobs for
Americans, I think I'll scream. As it is you should probably feel lucky
that I'm going to stop here and save my rant about Guantanamo Bay
(subject of a Friday email) for another time.

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  1. Anonymous4:42 AM

    I would absolutely LOVE to chime in here.....but for the sake of Fredriksburg on Friday, I won't say anything at all except:

    When you purchase ammunition in gross, it comes out to about 22 cents a round. I have all sorts of cheap methods to take care of our problems (and borders).