Thursday, June 02, 2005

you're the one person I wanted to run into again

Most mornings I come in wondering what the hell I'm going to post about. Birds are chirping; the wind is blowing. Surely everything is right with the world and all of life's a-holes expired peacefully overnight. ...and then my dream ends, and I awake to discover I'm living a more Fire Down Below than Sound of Music. Evidently 16 people (mothers, fathers, grandparents, concerned citizens) were arrested in West Virginia recently for attempting to deliver a list of demands to Massey Energy's Goals Coal Company. What was their problem? They lives and the lives of their children are being threatened by the mountaintop removal mining being done by Massey in their community. The coal prep plant is only 150 feet from the the local elementary school, sending coal dust through the air vents and into their children's lungs. Some 400 feet from the school is a leaking dam charged with holding back 2.9 million gallons of coal waste (mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and other heavy metals). So what does this coal company do? Do they take the demands...hear them out? Hell no...they have these poor (and, yes, they really are poor) people arrested. Read more about what happened here and find a way to help here.


  1. Anonymous3:49 AM

    I'm not even going to bother to read the material provided in the links. If you don't want to breathe coal dust, move.

    Too poor? Guess you didn't try hard enough. You fail at life. Like electricity and TV (picture shows I guess they'd call them) and a running refrigerator? Don't piss on coal. It's good enough for you to live off of, but not good enough to poison your children or threaten your life?

    Cry me a fucking a river.


  2. Anonymous3:51 AM


    In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't be too harsh on these mountain folk. I had a crap ass drive home and then a shitty night "in game".....

    I had to vent on someone; I guess the mountain folk that congregate near coal dust seemed like a good target.