Thursday, October 28, 2004

Junior League Lemmings

A friend of mine recently returned from her 15-year reunion with scary tales even too frightful for Halloween. Our hometown--San Angelo, TX--could never be mistaken for a thriving metropolis. It's a sprawling community on the cusp of the Texas desert that is known for its farmers, retirees, and military base. While liberalism has not fared well here, I really wasn't fully cognizant of what conservativism run rampant looks like. Well, let me tell you, it looks like San Angelo, TX.

My friend's reunion was attended by your usual smattering of TX high school heroes, the football players, cheerleaders, and drill team. Surprisingly, though, the new click of choice at the reunion was the junior leaguers. These are women who have never left San Angelo (or moved back quickly, if they did) and upon marrying and popping out a couple of kids chose to give up working (if they ever did), join the Junior League, and do "volunteer" work. Now, if I sound a bit snarky here, I apologize. I have nothing against women who choose to give up a career or job and raise their children, but it does make me wonder how these families are supporting themselves. San Angelo is not a hot job market, and while the cost of living is fairly low, so is the pay. Turns out their husbands sell insurance or own small businesses or whatever. Anyway, the truly scary part is coming up. Not only do these women all tend to look alike and talk alike, they all seem to think alike. Want to know what the current topic of concern is? They are deathly afraid that, if Kerry is elected president, armageddon will begin. They, evidently, have been preached to about Revelations and how the election of Kerry would be another sign of the end times coming. Now, I wasn't there, so I don't know if they were insinuating that Kerry is the antichrist or what, but I do know that evidently they all claimed they should just move to Israel if Kerry wins.

Don't get me wrong...I'm a God-fearing Christian who believes in Revelations and the end times, but give me a break. Do they really think John Kerry has the charisma to garner millions of followers around the world into following him to their doom? He can't even charm the democrats into getting enthusiastic about voting for him. And, if we're looking at a track record of anti-Christian behavior, hasn't our current leader been responsible for his own bevy of bad decisions (generally speaking...war, poor stewardship, worshipping mamman, failing to look out for the common man)?

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