Monday, October 04, 2004

Flying fears...

Ok, so I'm definitely in the final countdown for my trip to Taiwan and am beginning to feel those early tinglings of dread at having to get on an airplane. I hate terrifies me. Of course, I do it because it allows me to do cool things like go to Asia and visit my family on a semi-regular basis. No matter how often I fly, though, it never gets any easier. I go to such lengths to avoid it that I've been known to take the bus to Texas for family visits. I've even taken the train to Texas and to Nova Scotia. Now I've gone and gotten sucked in to watching this new show, Lost, on ABC. It's a show dedicated to get trapped on an island in the middle of nowhere after their PLANE CRASHES! Not the most appropriate show for someone who is afraid of flying to watch. Any suggestions for getting over my fear of flying? So far, the best remedy I've found is being so tired that I sleep most of the trip.

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  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    hey, yeah take some nyquil right before so you sleep through it. or sit next to a really hot guy that will hold your hand during take off and landing. don't watch the tv unless it's right in front of you else you'll get vertigo. well that's what i get.
    i'm so used to flying it's not scary to me. you'll be FINE!!