Thursday, October 07, 2004

Annoyed and not sure why...

I'm in a really annoyed state right now and, for the most part, am not sure why. I have noticed a pattern beginning to emerge. I have a real problem with arrogant men, and I live in D.C...home of the EGO. There are several in my life right now that are driving me crazy. They talk too loud, think they know everything, and can't handle criticism or direction (i.e., they PISS me off). I, of course, need to learn to deal with them constructively, rather than stifling the urge to punch them or enter bitch mode. According to the book Whatever Happened to Daddy's Little Girl, this is probably a direct result of being a fatherless daughter. I'm not sure I buy into that theory, but I'm sure there is some validity there. Maybe just recognizing that I have issues and airing them here will help. Besides, I'm sure kicking the VP of my department probably won't do much to help matters.

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