Friday, October 08, 2004

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I began this post talking about a male co-worker who had expressed a desire for kids but no desire to ever be married or in a relationship because he didn't want anyone touching his stuff. I was doing the whole psychoanalytical thing when I had a gut check. Who am I to psychoanalyze anyone and comment on their problems? I have my own issues to deal with and wouldn't want someone pinning a diagnosis on me. So, Ben, guard your stuff wisely, but guard it out of pride or true desire, not out of fear.

Staying on the psycho track (insert comedic drum beat)... For some reason yesterday, I was pondering mental illness when I remembered hearing that one of my great grandmother's sisters lost it and tried to stab another sister. That got me to wondering whether this was singular episode or if she had a history of mental breaks. It also caused me to realize how effectively we ignored my great grandmother before she died. The elderly have such stories to tell and information to share, but we just placated her and feigned interest. It's too late for me to do anything to rectify this with my great grandmother, but it is a wakeup call to not neglect my grandmother and grandfather.

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