Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Comic Virgin Chronicles: Wonder Woman

When I last left you, I had ventured down to Annapolis Comic-Con in an attempt to further infiltrate comics culture and pick up a few issues of the recently rebooted Wonder Woman comic. After my failed attempt to wrap my head around the Avenger's enterprise, I needed something written this century and with a clear, surmountable way to "catch up". While friends and shop owners recommended several more modern series, including Walking Dead, it was my nostalgia for Lynda Carter's 1970s Wonder Woman that led me in a different direction.


I was really young when I watched the series, so my memories are largely incomplete pieces of conversation and hazy snapshots. Warm, fuzzy girl-power thoughts are largely what's left behind.

Large, tall, solid, big-boned, fat. These are adjectives I've been familiar with my whole life. Sitting on the couch with my mom, I remember her giving me Lynda Carter as a reference for what my adolescent body could morph into as it made its way to adulthood. Luckily, at the time, I had no idea that was a former Miss World and, instead, took it to mean a tall, strong kick-ass woman with a flair for costuming. In other words, I could be amazing.

My thoughts on the rebooted comic next time...

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