Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bookish weekend update


Do we really have to go back to work tomorrow? I feel like I need two more days to de-stress from last week and make headway on some personal projects. I know the weekends aren't really supposed to be about accomplishing things, but if I'm good at anything, it's guilting myself into using my weekends to try to turn my list of ideas into reality.

I have about 10 things on my personal world domination plan and held "business meetings" with some of my co-conspirators this weekend! Ravena and I met at Jireh (above) to consume copious amounts of caffeine and chat about expanding That's What She Read and a new website we're plotting. On Saturday, Scarlet and I headed to McMahon's to plot a new podcast dedicated to the Gilmore Girls (I really do think we're probably this country's foremost experts on the topic) and a long-awaited sequel (by us) to our film, Reader's Advantage. Oh wait, am I supposed to do that blogger thing where I'm cryptic and make it sound important? ;-)

Do you see that biz meeting drink below? Silver Patron on ice. The only reason I ordered it was because one of the books I'm currently reading is The Drunken Botanist, chronicling the plants behind the world's liquors, and I just finished the chapter on agave. According to the author, if I get real tequila made with 100% pure agave, I should be able to sip it without any help from salt, limes or senor margarita mix. I was laughably nervous! I'll write more about the book later (am participating in a special book club with the author in October), but turns out it really was kind of sippable.


My other big weekend accomplishment was going a little crazy at the used bookstore. How could I not?! I was dizzy with excitement once I found two recent releases that are high on to-read list. I went back a day later for a business book I'd forgotten to look for. Beads of sweat sprang up on my brow at the thought of what I'd find. [I really, really hate that I perspire when I'm nervous :-(] I didn't find the book I was looking for, but I did score the trade paperbacks below for $2.15. Insert happy dance!


What did you get up to this weekend?

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  1. I loved the End of Your Life Book Club. A book about books... It was memorable and touching. Good find!