Tuesday, May 15, 2012

List: Endorsed, 5.16.12

wide open americana

- We're Alive: A Story of Survival, I discovered this zombie podcast a little over a year ago but struggled to get into it. Much of the acting was weak or over-the-top. However, I gave it another try on my drive up to Lancaster, PA and can say that I'm officially hooked. A few of the actors have found their footing, and I'm completely wrapped up in the story. Listening to We're Alive has the feel of an old school radio serial (a good thing!), including sound effects that completely help immerse you in the middle of that world. I dread the day I actually catch up and have to wait for new episodes!

- This zombie infograph, via The Comicbook Nerd

- Campfire Chic, While there is nothing zombie-specific about Kam's blog, she seems to be a little bit sci-fi nerd and all adventuress! Her stories of climbing, hiking, and outdoor adventures are some of my favorite. Plus, they're bound to be good training in the event zombies attack ;-)

- Newsflesh series by Mira Grant, I love the origin story and political thriller aspects of this zombie series. I reviewed the first book in the series here and can't wait to pick up the series finale when it comes out later this month.

Endorsed is inspired by the Slate Culture Gabfest (and the numerous other lists that circulate online).

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