Monday, May 07, 2012

Adventures in Gardening: week 5

grow, baby, grow

Some people have human babies and animal babies they photograph and track.
Well, baby humans aren't really on my radar screen, and baby animals leave me
breathless and sneezing. I have, however, wanted to grow my own food for the
past few years, and I finally took the plunge this year.

 My five week-old tomato babies. From seed to salad.

Go here for beautiful writing on tomatoes (and more).


  1. oh you will love growing your on veggies we are not having a full garden this year ran out of time we have a tomato plant, peppers, squash and herbs

  2. Oh wow, Carrie! That's still a great haul.

  3. Your tomato babies are growing quite well! Every year I tell myself that I'm gonna grow my own veggies, and one year I actually bought some seeds... Just haven't actually planted them. Yet.

  4. Lisa - There are so many steps! I didn't realize they would require as much care as they do. I say go for it though!