Sunday, May 06, 2012

Art of doing very little

Last week was really busy at work with all day fish meetings, city council meetings in faraway cities, and other stuff. I was lucky enough to be able to stop in the midst of all that and have dinner with Katie, a college friend who happened to be in town. Katie and I spent a couple of years in college traveling around with a few others doing college debate. I love that we can just pick right up whenever we see each other.

ceiling at Lincoln
 Lights at Lincoln Restaurant, where you should go if you have the chance. 

Still, busy weeks (and knowing even busier weeks are coming up) make me want to hole up in my apartment on the weekend and spend time reading and writing (and maybe even making). So, this weekend I wallowed in the art of doing pretty much nothing. I left my apartment to see the Avengers*, buy a few groceries**, and a visit to the Merrifield Garden Center.

orchids Tomato accessories

I was on the hunt for another succulent and some advice on my growing tomato plants. I'm intimidated that I chose beefsteak tomatoes. All of my reading and conversations with my mom lead me to believe I'm going to have some massive plants on my balcony. I love the colorful cages above for giving my future plants some stability.

 Merrifield is one of my happy places.

Needless to say, it was a relaxing weekend with very little to share. :-)

* <3  
** Fixings for homemade kale pesto


  1. i love those lights! and that bright pink cactus, what a funny find.

  2. I love that nature is just as colorful as I am :-)