Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rules of engagement

first dance

I am such a sap at weddings, and Saturday evening was no exception. I went with Ravena to Ish and Clement's wedding, and true to form, I was fighting back tears at the walk down the aisle, the first dance, and during the speeches. It really was a lovely wedding. I never thought I'd be that big of a fan of navy, but I really did love how she used it.

The bride harassing Vena for wearing 5 inch heels.
Ish harassing Ravena about wearing 5-inch heels. 

I'm probably jinxing myself here, but watching others get married definitely helps me narrow down what I do (and do not) want as part of my future ceremony. I thought I'd share a few of the fun rules I've come up with. (smile)

1. No photos during the ceremony. In my world, wedding ceremonies are meant to be intimate, and I want everyone to be present and in the moment. Watch the bride walk down the aisle; don't scope her in your little screen. No photos taken with your point and shoot, cell phone, etc. I'm so serious about this that I'm tempted to confiscate them at the door. The photo rule does not apply to the reception and/or cocktail hour.

2. Rule #1 includes professional photography. I realize this is likely to be seen as a bit crazy, but it goes back to my wanting an intimate ceremony. I find professional photographers and their flashes really distracting during the ceremony and know that I wouldn't be able to ignore them. Plus, how many people display photos of the actual ceremony? The professional photographer will have free reign any other time during the event.

3. Late people won't be allowed in. In fact, I won't really have ushers so much as bouncers.

4. Pre-wedding cocktail hour (or maybe a shot bar...haha). Might as well get folks nice and loose from the get go.

Am I alone on my weird photography rules?

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  1. I disagree in the professional photography aspect, simply because I don't want to miss any of the details. So much happens during the ceremony, I'd want reactions captured. Like my husbands first glance at me, or my parents getting all sappy. I would definitely show people pics of the ceremony.

    I do like the "confiscate your phones" rule.