Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bathroom redecorating on a budget

Bathroom corner

One of the nice things about moving is the ability pare down and start anew. I am enjoying figuring out on which walls to hang certain pieces (and what to cycle out for a bit). My bedroom is currently pretty sparse considering that I had very little in the way of official bedroom furniture (save for a bed) in my previous apartment. I crave real wood, vintage pieces and am refusing to rush the process.

Another room that I'm focusing my redecorating efforts on is my bathroom. I had my eye on a white ruffled shower curtain but couldn't bring myself to pay what both Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie were asking. I'd rather invest money in fancy bath and beauty products than in a shower curtain. Luckily, I stumbled across a $20 version* of the shower curtain on Amazon one night.

Armed with the shower curtain I wanted, I focused on making my dreams of a winter white bathroom a reality. Enter my second hurdle. Attractive bathroom accessories are difficult to find. Everything looks the same and is overly priced. A simple tumbler** was $12.99 when purchased in the Bath section. Something similar, when purchased in another section, is half that price. This is why, when I ran into friends while shopping at Target on Wednesday night, I was in the kitchen section. Bigger selection, prices more reflective of the quality of the item being purchased (I may have grabbed my soapbox while standing in that kitchen aisle).  I walked away (very pleased with myself) with the items pictured above. The ceramic ramekin is perfect for holding sundry bits and was about $3. I think the latte mug, which will hold my toothpaste, etc., was a dollar more.

Are there things you're willing to get creative with? Should everything be about quality?

*The quality is definitely fitting something you'd pay $20 for; however, it suits my needs.
**A cuter, even fancier tumbler can be found at Anthro for around $8, if you're in the market.


  1. I think that is great I can't wait to see the shower curtain

    btw the rock you were asking about whenever we go for a walk or at a park we look for heart rocks that one has been our best find


  2. Heart rocks are awesome. I never thought about looking for a particular shape. :-)

  3. I love your creativity!!!