Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Party of one


I silently began cursing my friend Conor when I saw that he linked to the New York Times article, One Is the Quirkiest Number, by Steven Kurutz. After a week of lovely weddings and the Night Circus (more on this later in the week), I didn't think I could take an article on how I was dooming myself to a life of solitude by living alone (the word 'perils' is in the subtitle). Luckily, the gist of the article was that (1) living alone can be awesome and (2) you may develop some unique habits that may be hard to break. The ladies of Sex & the City referred to these habits as "secret single behavior", but I like how one of the interviewees refers to it as behavior developed as a result of "living without social checks and balances". Ha!

This piece got me thinking about whether I have my own quirky, single behavior (short answer: um, yes). I was able to come up with a few tics that can likely be attributed to the fact that I live alone. Here's a little peek behind the curtain.

- I check in every room and closet when I get home. Hello...hidden serial killers.
- On most weeknights when I'm home, I may cook dinner and watch TV in my slip.
- If I get out of bed in the middle of the night, I tend to (literally) leap back in.
- I have a special relationship with the snooze alarm. I've been known to keep hitting it for up to two hours.

Not too weird, right? I'm not too worried about getting stuck in my ways. The right person can get me to leave the snooze alarm behind ;-)

P.S. You know you've been blogging a long time when you feel like you might be repeating yourself.


  1. this is cute I have never lived alone before weird I know but I know I have quirky habits :)


  2. I'm glad you felt the need to silently curse me ;-)

  3. Share, Carrie :-)

    All in love, Conor. All in love.