Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Desert life

Lake Nasworthy at Dusk
Lake Nasworthy in 2007. Lake levels are currently said to be 0.   Photo by John Mueller

23 months water left in the city's supply.

Mesquite trees and cacti, both native to arid climates, are dying.

1.3 million gallons of water is evaporating daily.

The town is desperately considering tapping into an aquifer with higher than allowable levels of radium.

Less than 2.94 inches of rain this year. To date, driest year on record.

U.S. Rep. Charles Stenholm promised the S.W. Freese Dam (when built in 1990) and reservoir would assure us that "generations that come after us will enjoy a good drink of water ...". It is now at 24% capacity. Brilliant politicians...so glad they have all the solutions.

Hell, indeed, might be a place on earth. San Angelo is at least making a go of ensuring the climate is just right.

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  1. A lot of things changed due to global warming. Still, we can do something to take it away.