Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meet Suzy


Evidently, this is the first doll* I ever owned. Considering I got her in 1976, she looks pretty good (don't mind the missing finger) for a gal her age. I don't remember much about her other than she was a favorite. Anyway, my mom and I attempted** to clean out a box of my old stuff while I was home, and it was decided that Suzy was coming home with me.

* A little internet research reveals that she's part of the Fisher Price "My Friend Doll" series. "Audrey" was on sale from 1974-1976. Ha! I scoff at given names and declared her "Suzy".
** Someone had a hard time letting some things go. Hint: it wasn't me.


  1. Aw you are lucky your mom saved your toys. I saw this photo on flickr and thought "hmmm, that looks a lot like My Friend Mandy" (Mandy is blonde but has the same face).

    What a sweet photo! :)

  2. At least she's less creepy than James. :)