Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The list

In recent years, my mom has asked for a list of things I might want for Christmas, which is often so hard to do. There's a part of me that still loves the excitement of opening presents and seeing what someone picked out just for you. It's the little kid in me still hoping for my own version of the Red Ryder BB Gun. This little girl is at odds with the person who really wants everyone to embrace mindful spending and keep the focus of this holiday season on togetherness, family and the small joys.

Still...I put together my list of a few things, any of which would make me ecstatic.

Christmas 2010

Not pictured but also on my list of potentials were a fly-fishing rod from LL Bean, lots of tights, and Nancy Drew or graffiti books.

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  1. Cuutteee things! Remember, though, that parents and Santa love to give gifts to their kids:) It IS the season for giving, but sometimes people need lists so they know they're giving the right thing:)