Sunday, December 05, 2010

Dirty Sexy Politics: The 30-second Review

My grandfather and I share a love of books. While our tastes may sometimes differ, it's a mutual love I like to encourage. My grandfather has always had an amazing library of books. They used to be the primary feature (at least in my childlike mind) of the large walk-in closet he shared with my grandma, and now bookshelves line the walls of his bedroom/living room. I remember sneaking into his closet when I was little so that I could sit on the floor and flip through the stacks and stacks of National Geographic magazines.

As I've stated before, trading political barbs tends to be one of our past-times. With that in mind, I told him he was allowed to get me one "Republican" book for my birthday, but it could only be Meghan McCain's campaign memoir, Dirty Sexy Politics. I respect John McCain, and despite our differing politics, think he* ran a pretty above board campaign. I also love a good behind-the-scenes campaign book that promises to give me a little bit of juicy gossip combined with my politics. Add to that the fact that Meghan McCain isn't afraid to be her own person and bend to the political will of her party, and I was sold (at least on reading the book).

Dirty Sexy Politics didn't disappoint. It's a quick and easy read that I devoured in a few hours. It's not the tell-all of a devout political insider. In fact, this was probably a saving grace for me. She largely steers clear of talking about specific political issues, and this helped keep my blood pressure in check. Instead, she focuses a lot on the process, the personal relationships and what it means to grow up and develop into a free-thinking individual. It doesn't hurt that I'm pretty sure she might have almost as much disdain for Sarah Palin as I do.

I knew from reading a few of her articles on Daily Beast and following her on Twitter that she isn't afraid to speak her mind. She has frequently spoken out on body image**, human rights and the Republican party's inability to truly change. You get all of that and a little more in the book. It's a pretty humanizing tale about trying to find your place in the world. I'd recommend it for just about you R or D.

*Just him. My anger at the tactics of other loonies (because let's face it...some of them really are insane) in the party will be saved for another day.
**Republican pundits began to refer to her as fat as a way to attack and hopefully silence her.

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