Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Why I'm sometimes a bad environmentalist

I bust my ass all day trying to restore the rivers of the world; however, every now and then it hits me how bad of an environmentalist I can be sometimes.

1. I fell asleep during An Inconvenient Truth, even moaning a little.
2. The whole "if it's yellow, let it mellow" thing grosses me out, if it's not my toilet. I'm worried about the whole issue of accidental splash.
3. I listened to a whole powerpoint presentation on why recycling is bad without bothering to refute it (even though I disagreed).
4. I drink a lot of Diet Coke out of plastic bottles.
5. I like bubble baths and sometimes leave the water running when I brush my teeth.
6. I could probably start my own landfill with the amount of post-it notes I use.
7. In addition to post-it notes, I have a proclivity for all sorts of specialty paper products, sometimes wanting to own them "just because."


  1. tsk. tsk.

    I'm thinking that I ought to buy some carbon offsets for riding my bike to work every day...

  2. "Why Recycling Is Bad...ONE!"

  3. we all have our vices

    i think all the green-goodness you do negates your postit note landfill

  4. The fact that you care at all is much more than most folks, so I wouldn't worry about the postit pile.

    I think you might enjoy my friend James' blog: anatomyofabreakdown.

  5. Oh, I love this post! I was just thinking about how much I piss and moan to everyone about how lazy they are about the environment (I have friends who drive Ford Expeditions and throw their Diet Coke cans in the trash because it's easier than walking to the recycle box 10 yards away) and yet I have a few bad habits myself. Probably more than a few. :)