Tuesday, May 01, 2007

To do lists

I like lists. I like lists enough that I sometimes include making a list of the lists I need to make on my to do list. Why I like lists is beyond me, since the majority of my lists either go unfinished or never give me the satisfaction of "checking" completed things off.

Today's Personal To-Do List:

-buy groceries (spawning a separate list)
-paint the pool on my train set (*cough* art project)
-buy new comforter
-begin compiling stuff for all of the care packages I need to send
-take self portrait

Today's Work To-Do List:

-enter the remaining applicant information into the database
-set up site visits for Thursday
-sort and box all of the research and bibliographic data for Berkeley
-financial reporting
-slam my head in a door (see financial reporting)


  1. Ah! A blogger after my own heart! I also like to make lists... In fact, I keep a thick journal with me at all times, included in which is The Mother Of All Lists. This list is an ongoing project of anything that comes into my head, be it work or personal to-do's. When I finish a task, I cross it off in alternating colored highlighters, then put a blue scribble through the entry. When a page is completely done, I fold it over! It's a wonderful thing, my Mother Of All Lists. It keeps me sane(ish).

  2. I love lists, too. Ali and I make lists for weeks before an upcoming trip...it's almost the best part;)

  3. i love lists.
    i love how you made the comment 'go grocery shopping' because that requires another list


  4. You have a train???

  5. Green Canary - That sounds like an intense list! Nice.

    Dan - Jealous? You were on my list once ; )