Monday, May 21, 2007

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Cutting edge trendsetter...that's me. Laugh if you want, but soon every girl you know will be sporting her cell phone in much the same fashion.

For months now, possibly years, I end up carrying my cell phone tucked neatly into my bra. What's a girl to do when she needs her cell phone with her 24-7 and has no pockets? Simply slide the phone into that place where the strap attaches to the actual bra part and you're done. Think I'm joking? It works. Even phones such as my virtually disappear, and it works with even some of the skimpiest bras.

Perhaps I'm too comfortable with the idea and have been doing it for too long. I have been known to get some interesting looks when people see my cell phone appear. Slowly, though, I am acclimating the world to this cell carrying phenomenon. My heart warmed this past week when, looking down from the stands at graduation, I see Allie reach for her cell phone...stored in that special place. : )


  1. Jurgen Nation12:25 PM

    Brilliant idea! Bras should have a holster on the side for this purpose. My question: where do you put it? I may have to try this.

  2. For some reason, this has only worked for me when wearing a strapless dress...go figure!

  3. Twas a great idea.

    I stopped caring who saw me shove my hand into my bra strap. :-)

    I actually thought it was pretty hott.

  4. Lol. It sounds fun.
    But doesnt it give you a shock if its on vibration mode?
    I will give it a try though.....on my i-wanna-do-something-fun day perhaps.
    Not something i will make a habit out of though.

  5. hm, a good idea, however i'm pretty sure my phone is bigger than my bust and it would look like a very awkward square thing. sigh the curse of the flat chested.

  6. My boss was in my office one day and I hear a ringtone that is not mine. She's not holding anything in her hands and I was confused. Why did she reach into her bra and pull out her cellphone?! LOL!! I couldn't even tell it was there. It's great if you can carry it off without anyone notice and maybe my husband will still yelling at me for forgetting it all time.

  7. good grief, I really need to proof before I hit submit.

    "without anyone noticing"
    "will STOP yelling"

    Geez, sorry.

  8. Anonymous12:59 PM

    i do the same thing out of sheer convenience going on several years now. turns out guys love this idea. so much so, that it made it to's bloglog...

    guess i won't be the only one on metro with a ringing bra anymore...

  9. Grand idea *inserting phone in bra*