Monday, January 24, 2005

He's just not that into you...hmmm

I broke down and bought the latest get a clue book, "He's Just Not That Into You", because a book group I'm a member of but have never attended is having a discussion on it at my apartment. Why not, I thought. I can use some enlightening.

I've only read the first few pages, so I haven't been fully enlightened yet, but already I'm getting mixed vibes about the book.

(1) Duh. Isn't it only common sense that a man who doesn't call you and doesn't ask you out isn't that into you? Of course, now that I've gotten all snooty on you, I do have to admit that I've fallen victim to my own demented mind and have created elaborate fantasies based on the fact that he touched my shoulder or he sure does flirt a lot...thinking to myself that he must be into me. Guess I should continue telling myself to get a clue : )

(2) Antiquated. A girl should never ask a guy out? Never? Men were born to play the hunter/gatherer role and we just can't take that away from them. I'm not sure I buy it. I'm not saying asking a guy out is the preferred alternative (trust me...I have no desire to do this) but to say it will never work out seems a bit over the top.

Who knows...I've put the book to the side for the moment but maybe I'll pick it back up in Puerto Rico...along with what Ravena calls my intellectual smut.

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