Saturday, January 29, 2005

Day 2

Today was amazing. I slept late...which I felt a little guilty about, but hey, that's what vacations are for, right? After finally rousing myself, I hopped a bus near the hotel and ventured into old San Juan. Scarlet, you were so right. It was amazing. The narrow streets and rolling hills. All or the shops, each painted a different, vibrant color with amazing ironwork on their balconies. I wandered the narrow streets peeping in on interesting shops for a few hours. I even managed to find Butterfly People, a unique gallery that was on my list. Hopefully, I'll the time and money to stop back by before I leave and buy one of their butterfly sculptures. After having a chimichanga for lunch at Lupe's, I went in search of the Nuyorican Cafe, so I'll have a better idea of where to go tomorrow night. Actually searching for an address is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It took me a good 30 minutes just to realize that the street names are actually on the sides of the building. Well, I never found the Nuyorican Cafe, but I did stumble onto the San Cristobal and the ocean. If I were more lyric, I could describe how it took my breath away. I also found a terribly cute house for sale facing that fab ocean. This little fuschia house could be mine, if I knew how to save money. I actually had to check myself from actually writing down the realtors number. I wanted that little fuschia house.

After I got back to the hotel, I decided a dip in the pool was in order (prepping myself for tomorrow's beach time). The water was freezing, but it was nice to have it to myself. Have I mentioned that it has been extremely cloudy since I arrived. Maybe Sara was right...I do bring bad weather. Hopefully, it will be sunny tomorrow as I'm looking to get a little color.

My hotel is almost smack dab between old San Juan and the Condado district. In other words, it's not by much except the public beach and a nice park. I mention this because I wasn't sure what to do about dinner. I still don't feel entirely comfortable walking the streets at night by myself, so I ended up over at Morton's (in the Hilton Caribe next door). What a swank dinner. Allie, I had two of possibly the best cosmos in celebration of your birthday and had to stop myself from hitting on the cute waiters. I'm not really a red meat eater, so perhaps I should blame it on the cosmos, but eating steak was a really sensual experience. It could have also been sensory overload for the day. Anyway, it was a fab meal, and I probably won't be able to afford anything at Butterfly People now. Cie la vie.


  1. If its the same place, I know that butterfly place....Although there's probably multiple butterly places. Did it have a little cafe with La Mariposa? nice

    keep having fun!

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