Monday, August 26, 2013

On missing my grandma

 I've been missing my grandma lately, and this evening it hit me that maybe it's because the anniversary of her death just passed. She shares that with Teddy Kennedy.

Maybe it's because the Simpsons have been airing daily in syndication on one of my non-cable channels. She loved Bart Simpson something fierce and even had a stuffed doll. I never did understand her love for the Simpsons.

Maybe it's because Tiger Woods has been in the news. She used to love to watch Tiger Woods play golf. I never understood that either.

Maybe it's because I edited the first few pages of my novel (for a thing), and the grandma character is based almost entirely on my own.

Maybe it's just because I love her.


  1. What a great looking couple!

  2. Can't really put it any other way. We should love our grandmothers and grandfathers in the best way we possibly can. Accommodate them. Respect them. And when they die, honor them. Simple, really.

    Carl @ Heal At Home