Monday, August 19, 2013

Books and food in the City of Brotherly Love

I took a quick trip to Philly on Saturday, pretty much for the sole purpose of eating at Vedge.  
[This is a lie. It wasn't quick. It took 5 hours to get there.] It's one of those cities where, each time I visit, I explore a new corner. I never seem to be there very long, so it's kind of a slow courtship.

Before heading up, I looked up local comic book stores. This write-up was really helpful. A description of the neighborhood and its proximity to a used bookstore and Shane's Confectionery made visiting Brave New Worlds a no-brainer.

The Book Trader

It turns out there were two bookstores nearby, one with a focus on used art and films books (how cool!) and The Book Trader. If not for a touch of claustrophobia, The Book Trader might have been a dream. Books crammed in every imaginable crevice, playing a precarious game of chicken with the ceiling.

shelves at The Book Trader

The only repeat visit this trip was lunch at Blackbird Pizzeria. They serve mighty fine vegan pizza and have me wishing they'd open a branch down in VA. Of course, maybe then it wouldn't be quite as special. ;-)

vegan pizza @ Blackbird Pizzeria

I'll post a review of Vedge later this week. It was fantastic enough to warrant its own post.

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