Friday, May 31, 2013

Missing India and other ramblings from my week

india calcutta bookstore
Photo by Carl Parkes

Do you ever have the beginnings of all of these random thoughts in your head but lack the energy to develop them further? That's totally me this week! Instead of trying to cram them onto Twitter or saving them to develop further, I just need to dump at least one of these here and reclaim some brain space.

This week I got invited to speak in India--all expenses paid and in three weeks. I passed on the opportunity, and it killed me. Folks, I'm pretty sure this is what adulthood looks like. India has been on my short list of countries to visit ASAP ever since I returned from Taiwan, but the thought of the big meetings I have coming up and projects to move forward and personal shit I need to keep together had me saying no. I'm still stewing on it. It has me wondering if I've lost the ability to be impulsive and fly by the seat of my pants. During the past twelve months, I've passed on Korea and London, too (granted, London was a little weird). I don't want to ever lose that part of me. With this latest no, I've promised myself that next time will definitely be a yes.

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