Sunday, May 05, 2013

That's what she read...take 2

This is my friend, Ravena. She reads a lot. She also can't help but vamp for the camera.

Back in October 2011, Ravena and I tried to combine a book club with book review podcasting. The combination of trying to figure out how to host audio and a series of less than impressive books (because who wants to hear 3-4 negative podcasts in a row) led me to shelve the idea. Now, thanks to SoundCloud, we're giving the podcast idea another go and revamping the format. Instead of reading the same book and doing a more in-depth review, we're going to focus on a general discussion of our current reads, any interesting publishing news we've heard, and chats about upcoming titles we're excited about.

Listen to our most recent podcast on your computer or via the SoundCloud app and let us know what you think! This was kind of a spur-of-the-moment recording, so things should only get better from here. :-)

Keep your eyes peeled later this week for another new book-related feature.

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