Monday, August 27, 2012

Road to Saint Paul: Ice Cream

I never set out to sample so much ice cream while on the road, but after stopping at Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream in Columbus, it was a delicious, slippery slope.

Half scoops of roasted strawberry and buttermilk, juniper and lemon curd, and whiskey and pecan.
like a carnival outside Jeni's

Jeni's absolutely did not disappoint. My only complaint about Jeni's is that choosing among all of the amazing flavor combinations is nearly impossible. This is going to make avoiding this really expensive section of Whole Foods very difficult. Thanks for being delicious, Jeni.

You might decide to judge me less were my ice cream recommendations to end there; however, my road to St. Paul was littered with dairy. The appearance of Culver's on billboards and highway signs intrigued me. A timely tweet from @pinkisneat commanding me to try them out coincided with a sign proclaiming their flavor of the day as double salted caramel/pecan. Suddenly, I was executing driving moves that would make 007 jealous. No photos of this experience exist given that this was strictly a drive-in experience that required my only remaining hand. This custard was definitely tasty, but if you must limit your dairy consumption, my vote goes to Jeni's.

A couple of days later Sara took us to The Pearl in La Crosse, WI for an afternoon cone following lunch in a park along the Mississippi.

old fashioned 2
The Pearl maple pecan cone at The Pearl
Maple pecan cone at The Pearl.

The final stop in this ice cream journey is Monty's Blue Plate Diner in Madison, WI. "On your way out of town, you must stop at Monty's and get a milkshake for the road." When a coworker takes time out of a conference call to deliver this directive (and when said coworker is known for her milkshake hunting skills), you look up Monty's and you go. The shake below is the Fat Elvis and was the recommendation of the adorable server who took my order.

The Fat Elvis milkshake from Monty's Blue Plate Diner

So good but also a bit over the top (kind of like Elvis). My preservation mode was finally kicking in by this point in the trip, and I finally embraced eating/trying just enough and walking away.

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