Sunday, August 26, 2012

Revamped living room!

I've got a couple of posts coming about my trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin, but currently, I'm still in recovery mode :-) In the meantime, I get to show you how I revamped my living room right before I left.

My old couch was a small Ikea number that, while a great size for a small apartment, wasn't conducive to multiple guests or afternoon naps. It also never really belonged in the home of a clumsy girl. It was more than 6 years old, and the stains it held were a virtual map of my life.

I've been on a casual hunt for a new couch for the last couple of years and in earnest for the last six months, and it's slim pickings out there, you guys. I think there are only 10-20 different couch styles in the entire world, and they seem to either be too ugly or too expensive. Anyway, I found myself in a bit of a fog from a cold and somehow wound up on Craigslist. I'd never considered a sectional sofa before, but something about this one tugged at me. Cut to a few emails and a couch visit* later and the couch was officially "on hold" for me. We picked it up on the 15th, and I can already tell it was the right choice. It's already had its first house guest sleep on it and has proven itself useful for supporting several lounging people and a few hours of conversation.

 new couch!

The same night I found the couch I also stumbled across an entertainment center in the freebie section. After emails and texts with a couple of people, I decided to pick it up. It didn't match my current furniture, but all it took was a few coats of paint to make it mine!

new entertainment center

So there you have revamped living room (and another excuse to reconfigure my art)!

*I was very skeptical of buying a used fabric couch. I sort of felt like I was also buying that person's history. Luckily, the couch is in great shape, and the family selling it had a clean house that didn't gross me out.