Sunday, July 22, 2012

List: Endorsed, Science Rocks Edition


- The Secret Life of Bees, Enthralling story in Smithsonian Magazine on bee behavior with descriptions of their enthusiastic dancing, aggressive head butting and overall decision-making.

- Dragonflies as a climate change indicator, I've recently been on the hunt for journal articles on dragonflies. Maybe it's just me, but dragonflies seem more prevalent in Northern Virginia this year. In addition to being more abundant, I've noticed greater diversity in pattern and color. I couldn't help but wonder if changes in the local dragonfly community could be linked to the incredibly hot summer we're having.

- Beautiful woodcut prints made from cross-sections of trees

- Sunscreen debate, I've seen so much conflicting information in the news lately about sunscreen and whether it's bad for you. Science can be so confusing.

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