Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How Twitter can make you a better person

Twitter is slowly helping me become a better person. Who knew this tool could become a beacon, the lighthouse standing strong on the Internet's shores warning me what not to do?

Do you complain continually about your children and how horrible your life is, only to flip the switch and wax poetic about your consumerist pursuits? Thank you. You help me to cherish my life and how genuinely happy that I am. You also convince me to cut back on my online complaining. I'd hate for people to think that I'm as unhappy as you appear.

Is every tweet out of your mouth a humblebrag? Thank you. You keep me grounded and my ego in check. You remind me that the flip side of complaining is sometimes talking about how great you are.

Have you ever tweeted more than once about how much your feet smell? Thank you. I appreciate the reminder that sometimes there should be limits to what we share, particularly if it's done without humor.

Do you make me laugh, share uplifting quotes and pass along articles that fuel my passion? Thank you. You give me something to shoot for and make me want to be better.

So, Twitter, thank you for all you show me. I'm still making plenty of these same mistakes myself, but it's fun to learn not to ;-)

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  1. YES YES YES! Well put, my friend, well put. I add Facebook to the list too. I have limited when I say on there.

    I have shared this via twitter as well :)