Monday, July 02, 2012

Girl behind the mask

summer lovin'

I'm the kind of girl who...
  • becomes anxious at the sight of a bug and has to pull on her big girl pants to kill it
  • has to put on her magical blinders to ignore the aforementioned bugs when traipsing around outside for work
  • (oddly enough) considers skirts and flip flops appropriate field attire for said traipsing
  • can't seem to stop wearing clothes until they disintegrate
  • keeps a messy car but a clean house
  • doesn't think she'll ever truly love cooking because it just takes too much darned time
  • has developed a desire for workshop space and a saw over the past couple of months
  • decides she wants a new exotic pet every time she sees one in a movie
  • saw Magic Mike and now wants a tiny pet pig (after Juno it was a rabbit)
  • favorite song came out in 1993

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